Exhibitor contract - Funen Show

Booths of minimum 2 meters length can be registered by companies or private persons by using the onlinee registration [LINK]

Binding agreement The contract for participation in the trade fair is deemed to have been concluded when the exhibitor has completed and submitted the registration form via the website and the mutual 14-day cancellation period has expired.


  • Minimum purchase for stand space is 2 metres. A table is 2 metres long and 10 metres deep.
  • Registration fee is DKK 420 (DKK 525 incl. VAT) per table meter. Same prices all over the hall, first come first served. Exhibitors from previous years are prioritised if needed.

After registration, you will be sent payment link at the end of June or as soon as possible. Rent is due for payment on 19 July.

Right of withdrawal:

  • The registration is a binding agreement with the cancellation options below.
  • If cancelled no later than 90 days before the set-up date, no invoice will be issued.
  • Cancellations from 90 days before the installation date up to and including the payment deadline will be charged 50% of the rental price.
  • If you cancel after the payment deadline, the full rental amount is due. Please note that the deadlines also apply to registrations made just before the fair.
  • In case the above terms are not met it can mean exclusion from participation on future Copenhagen show, Funen show, Aarhus show and Sønderjyske show.

The contract gives the exhibitor the right to: Sale and (or) exhibition of stones, minerals, fossils, (stone) gift items, grinding machines, grinding accessories and other items that may be considered related to these categories. The stand construction consists of tables of 2 x 1 metre. At least one accessible power outlet (within 15 metres). Power consumption (Max. 50W per metre table, ONLY LED lights is permitted). Chairs are available in the hall.

Exhibitor is personally responsible for the following. Goods, tablecloths, lights and extension cord(s), etc. The trade fair plan with the location of the exhibitors will be available online before the trade fair and will also be posted on the entrance doors to the hall.

  • Dismantling of the stand must not begin before kl. 17.00 Sunday. This point must be observed, as visitors pay admission and the quality of the trade fair must be optimal from start to finish. Previously "visible" packing will result in the inability to participate in the future.
  • Do not damage the floor in the hall. Avoid dragging and pushing boxes etc. across the floor, use a sack or platform trolley. Damage must be reported immediately to the organiser.
  • Changes to the table layout and the setting up of workshops or demonstrations can only be made after consultation with the organiser well in advance of the trade fair.
  • Stands may not be rented out or otherwise passed on to third parties. It is expected that the person who registers the stand or his/her employees are also the person(s) on the stand during the trade fair. It may result in expulsion for both parties if the stand is manned by persons without a direct relationship and connection to the registrant's company.
  • The laws of the country must be observed, and the exhibitor is responsible for familiarisation with and compliance with these.
  • There is no container at Stenmessen Fyn - Exhibitors dispose of their own rubbish. Cleaning up rubbish left behind will be invoiced at DKK 500.00 + VAT. The hall's wastepaper baskets are not for cardboard boxes and bulky waste.

There will be a night shift in the hall, Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. The exhibitor is responsible for the exhibitor's goods and exhibits throughout the fair, both during and outside opening hours. Exhibitors are responsible for their own professional liability insurance.  


  • Registration deadline 14 days before the fair.
  • Booth payment 19 July
  • Friday 6 September 15:00 - 24:00: Stand set-up.
  • Saturday 7 September 7.30 - 9.45 am: Stand set-up - 9.45 am: We meet at the children's area and wish each other a good fair. 18.15: We meet at the children's area and enjoy a glass of red wine, white wine or rose. At approx. 18.45: Dinner and cosy get-together for exhibitors who have signed up for the exhibitor dinner.
  • Sunday 8 September at 8.00 am the hall opens for exhibitors - 10.00 pm: Everyone must now be out of the hall - See you next year!

The gem & mineral show is open to the public. 10.00 - 18.00 on Saturdays and at 10.00 - 17.00 on Sundays.

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